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There's nothing worse than calling up a San Diego limo bus company for a "nice price" and having them give you a sky-high number with zero options. We've heard everything from small annoyances to major horror stories when it comes to the pricing that our customers have received from other local companies. Some have seen hidden fees pile up on the bill after the fact, for things that were never discussed previously, and that shouldn't require fees to begin with. It's our goal to present San Diego Limo Bus customers with prices that fit perfectly into their budget, and we hit that mark time after time.

San Diego Limo Buses does have some business expenses that can't be avoided, and there are base prices that can't be altered, but we leave plenty of wiggle room to personalize and customize your pricing as much as possible, based on the size of the bus, the amount of VIP perks that you want, and other insider secrets that allow us to save you money in ways that you'd never expect. However, we never cut corners to do so. Everything we do is of the utmost quality. That's what San Diego Limo Buses is known for.

One of the ways that we also save you money is by offering a unique pricing system that fluctuates with the daily costs of fuel, traffic levels, and other factors that affect prices. Most companies don't do this, because they figure they can get more money out of you if they charge the same rates on those slower weekdays or during non-peak times. They think that works for them, but in reality, their customers just keep on running to us when they realize how much money they can save! For us, it's all about happy customers, and low prices is without a doubt the #1 thing that you mention when asked what matters!

Now, if you want to make a difference in low prices on your end of things, you can do so by choosing ot travel on weekdays between Monday and Thursday, or if it has to be on a weekend, by choosing Friday or Sunday versus in-demand Saturday! You can also save money by avoiding prom time, the St Patrick's Day rush, and of course New Year's Eve and wedding weekends in June. If you're stuck with those dates though, we'll still do our best to carve those prices down as low as possible just for you.

Don't let the competitors fool you with their promises of low prices and tricked out buses. Not only do we have the finest buses in Southern California, but San Diego Limo Buses also offers the absolute best dynamic pricing in the business. You also get way more for your money with us than you do with other companies! You can opt for special deals like a free hour of service when booking your wedding and bachelor or bachelorette party at the same time, or you can enjoy fun perks like wedding decor, just married signs, and red carpet service on that big day of your romantic nuptials. We've got all that and more, just for you.

As far as our prices go, we do not list them here simply because of that unique system. Since the figures fluctuate literally on a daily basis, we find it much simpler to just provide our free price quotes via telephone or email. If you give us a call, you can get that exact price and lock down your date within minutes, and if you email us, you will have that within 24 hours. We're here every single day of the year, so you can reach us to talk about pricing at absolutely any time. Yes, even you night owls! We are here to take your calls right now.